What Was Up in Hill East Last Night?
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What Was Up in Hill East Last Night?

February 20th, 2013 by Sharee Lawler · 3 Comments · New Hill East

Apparently if you live in the vicinity of 14th and Pennsylvania Ave, SE, you had an interesting night last night.  Power went out in a segment of the  Hill East area during the early evening and wasn’t restored for most customers until 1 or 1:30am today.  No word on the exact cause of the outage, but what caught a lot of people’s attention (presumably while you were shivering in your beds) was the police presence.  A reader asked us to check into what happened because, according to an account, there were “dozens of police cars and several helicopters for 6+ hours last night.”  The MPD 1-D listserv gave the following response:

“There was an electrical blackout in the surrounding neighborhood [14th & Pennsylvania, SE]. The First District assigned extra units to the area to ensure safety and requested assistance from the MPD Air Support Section.”

Though Pepco did not make an official statement on the cause of the blackout, they attempted to do a little damage control via Twitter.  Still, nothing makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on a cold night without power than a hovering helicopter.

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  • http://twitter.com/tomveiltomveil Thomas Veil

    The helicopter was a little over the top, but good on MPD for making its presence known when the residents were vulnerable and in need of help. Of course, if Pepco could keep the lights on, we wouldn’t need to worry about this kind of stuff.

  • Bob Loftus

    Interesting that the Hill is Home often carries critical comments on the DC Police– not responsive and available. Now you are critical of the cops for being responsive and available!

  • Katie

    I’m a 1/2 block from the intersection, and didn’t find the helicopter particularly annoying. I noticed it right away and figured it was for the power outage. It seemed on par with when someone gets mugged.