The Inevitable: Union Station Barnes & Noble Closing on Friday
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The Inevitable: Union Station Barnes & Noble Closing on Friday

February 27th, 2013 by Maria Helena Carey · 6 Comments · Capitol Hill, DC, Union Station/NOMA

The cheerful little ad that bids you adieu. (MHC)

The cheerful little ad that bids you adieu. (MHC)

In news that will surprise virtually no one, Barnes & Noble, which was planning to close earlier in 2012, has finally pulled the plug on its Union Station location. The store will close its doors on Friday, March 1st. According to a staff member at the Union Station B&N, the store is slated to become an H&M and will open this summer. The staff that is retained by Barnes & Noble will relocate to the store on 12th and E Street, NW.

From B&N to H&M? Do you think this is a retail improvement or not? For that matter, do Capitol Hill neighbors visit Union Station much for shopping?

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  • http://www.dclikealocal.com Tim Krepp

    Well, the poll is worded awkwardly. I don’t “shop” there as a thing to do, but when I take the train, I’d buy books for the trip. I doubt I’m going to be doing that at H & M…

    • http://www.facebook.com/torey.potter.9 Torey Potter

      But Tim, surely you would stop in for a cute outfit to wear on your trip! ;)

      • http://www.dclikealocal.com Tim Krepp

        It would tear at the very fabric of being for me to be in a cute outfit!

    • http://www.facebook.com/apmckinley Andy McKinley

      Don’t discount the value of looking fashionable on your trip….

    • NicholeRemmert

      Does H&M sell jeggings?

  • C_29

    I like H&M, so maybe I’ll go there for that. But as a SE Capitol Hill resident I find it’s just as easy to go to Metro Center, and the shopping options are a lot better there. I’d probably go to Union Station more often if I lived closer or had a need to take the red line ever.