Bummer: Crepes on the Corner Closed Its Doors
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Bummer: Crepes on the Corner Closed Its Doors

August 28th, 2012 by Kate McFadden · 6 Comments · Capitol Hill, New Hill East

I was going to do my Christmas shopping in the neighborhood, but, sadly, I’ll have to go somewhere else to get my locally-sourced jams. Oh, and my Nutella and banana crepes.

After almost a year of anticipation for its opening, with Hill East residents chomping at the bit, the proprietors of the creperie have shuttered it’s doors. Some are speculating the menu.  While terrific, the varied and broad assortment of fresh ingredients might have strained the budget.

I just don’t get it. Why can’t Hill East support a coffee shop? We can get a coffee liqueur martini or a good cup of tea, but for many of us, nothing will do but a double shot soy latte. It seems The Cupboard and the Starbucks at Safeway have the market cornered on caffeine cravings. How can that be?

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  • GuacamoleCaltrop
  • Andrew G

    really disappointing

  • comesthesun

    I actually thought the selection of ingredients was too limited. I never could find anything to eat, unlike the crepes cart at Eastern Market which had tons of ingredients, and I could make my own. Crepes on the Corner had pre-mixed fillers, so I could never get what I wanted. The trade-off might be that the EM crepes ingredients may not be fresh…Also much farther from home and only on weekends.

  • wmichaeljones

    Sad, but entirely predictable. I don’t agree with the idea that Hill East can’t support a coffee shop; the creperie was a gourmet specialty store. The location also was not ideal, and their hours were a bit confusing. I’m still holding out hope that the blight known as Albert’s Liquor disappears and is replaced by a legit coffee shop! I think that’s a great location with lots of foot traffic. Still, very disappointing to lose a neighborhood business.

  • Kathleen

    This is so disappointing, but not unexpected. I always thought they were over-reaching for the area just a bit. While I would have loved to have had brunch there every weekend, as a new (house rich and cash poor) homeowner in the area, it wasn’t feasible. It appears most of their local target market is in the same boat.

  • Sarah

    I just checked out a property in the building above the crepe shop and asked the realtor about it. Apparently its a legal dispute over the lease with the land owner, but it’s expected to be resolved, and for the shop to return. But then again, those things can really drag on, so who knows…