Things We Take for Granted: Coffee Options
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Things We Take for Granted: Coffee Options

November 9th, 2011 by Jon Penndorf · 2 Comments · Barracks Row, Capitol Hill, Capitol Hill North, Capitol Hill South, DC, Eastern Market, H Street

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I am a two-cup-a-day guy.  I enjoy my morning brew before starting my day, and I find I need a cup after lunch to both push through the early afternoon hours and to provide a diversion from my computer screen at work.  (There are days that a third cup is needed, but for a much different reason.)  On the weekends my caffeine fix is just as evident, but I relish in the luxury of options for how to feed the need.

We coffee-drinkers (and even the random tea-partier) have copious choices for enjoying that flat white or double-shot or mocha-dunka-whatever.  Need a quick fix and something like an old standby? Dunkin’ Donuts might be your place (bonus points for being able to take the kid for ice cream while dad enjoys a coffee).  In the need for something bold for a long drive out of town? Take your pick from a number of Starbucks locations on the Hill.

Feel like lingering over a craft-brewed café au lait while taking in the bustling scenery of Eastern Market? Peregrine is your place.  Hot lunch with your fancy latte? Pound may be your pleasure.  Perhaps you want to enjoy a walk in the neighborhood with your hot beverage of choice; head to Ebenezer’s on 2nd Street NE or Jacob’s on 8th Street NE.  (Hint, hint Crepes on the Corner – you’re needed in Southeast.)  You can literally choose your coffee based on your mood, your need, your location, and your time frame.

SOVA, Sidamo, Marvelous Market, Port City Java – I know I am missing others, and I am not even starting to list the restaurants that offer a good cup of joe or an authentic espresso.  Capitol Hill is a neighborhood that loves its coffee and appreciates variety.  We are nothing if not well-caffeinated.

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  • Caroline Angelo

    I like Port City Java a lot because you get the Eastern Market people-watching , but it’s not as crowded as Peregrine and the indoor seating options are better.

    I also feel compelled to give a shout-out to the Starbucks at 2nd/3rd and Pennsylvania. Normally Starbucks is not anything special, but I love the upstairs area with the quiet study room at this location. It’s a great place to go if you need to camp out there for several hours.

    I just wish coffee shops on the Hill kept later hours!

  • http://twitter.com/TheMadameMeow María Helena Carey

    Agreed, Caroline. I also like the coffee at Bagels and Baguettes– not to mention, the bagels AND baguettes there!